Long time no see (sorry no art today)(jk I’m showing my old journal *spoiler alert*)

Hello, I’m back!

I’ve been to Seattle->CANADA and back. I should have resumed all my daily schedules and sketch practices right away, but as always, I put things off until the end…

Okay, you probably don’t want to hear about me babbling on about my life. SKIP AHEAD TO PICTURES IF THAT’S THE CASE! But I guess that’s exactly what I am going to do toady. I’m going to write what I have to do for art HOMEWORK this summer. I took AP studio art class last year, and in the coming year, I will be taking AP 2D design. These are the only two AP art classes they offer at school, but as you know if you know about AP art, these two classes are very much the same. You just go on with your own work, with help and guidance from fellow artists (including the teacher). The same teacher teaches Art 1,2,3,4 and the AP classes, so she gave us HOMEWORK for the summer and it is going to count for FIVE grades when we are back in August. 

I really can’t complain though. I think I had a part in stimulating my teacher to start giving summer work (this is the first year). 2 years ago, when I moved here, the number of classes I could take was reduced to seven from eight. So EVERYTHING WAS SCREWED UP; all my plans for four smooth high school years were shattered. I decided to keep learning both French and German, so I had one class left in my schedule, with the choice between Art and Dance. I tried Dance. Long story short, Dance didn’t really work out. It was a lot different from my old school…So last year, I talked to the art teacher to see if I can join in on AP art class my junior year, and skip Art 2 or whatever I needed to take in sophomore year. In the process, I showed her my olde olde Freshman year art sketchbook  journal. 

Just to brag a little, I am a diligent person, and I do my homework well. I prefer good grades over bad ones. So my art work was not that great, but the organization, writing, and research was great. So when my art teacher (current) saw my journal, she decided this was the kind of thing that everyone should do. NOBODY LIKED THE IDEA. Even I really didn’t like doing journals when I was a Freshman, because it was such a pain. 

Ok now I have an idea. I wasn’t going to show any artwork today because I don’t have anything new, but I can snap pics of my old journal and you can laugh at it!


2014-07-16 23.12.06


2014-07-16 23.13.14

Self Portrait. As I said, I was not the best artist at the time. (Still isn’t)

2014-07-16 23.12.28

We did few of these as well with different media

2014-07-16 23.13.24

After a piece is done, we had to take a picture, paste it, and write about it

2014-07-16 23.13.40

Artist Research of Jean-Michel Basquiat

2014-07-16 23.13.59

Cards..I didn’t really see the point in these, sorry.

2014-07-16 23.14.26

Horse 1 (Research)

2014-07-16 23.14.32

Horse 2 (thumbnails)

2014-07-16 23.14.39

Horse 3 (thumbnails)

2014-07-16 23.14.43

Horse 4 (final plan)

2014-07-16 23.14.57

2014-07-16 23.14.50 Horse 5 (Final piece +evaluation) &Navajo pottery plan+research

2014-07-16 23.15.09

Pottery plan + research

2014-07-16 23.15.14

Pottery Plan

2014-07-16 23.15.27

Some smh assignment

2014-07-16 23.16.41

2014-07-16 23.16.29 Planning for sculpture+final result

2014-07-16 23.15.52

Artist Research Namjune Paik

2014-07-16 23.15.57

Artist Research Kris Kuksi


Is this too many pictures? Quite a hassle to watermark them all, so skipped that. 

Anyways.. moving on before this gets too long, these are the assignments for homework:

3 developed drawings (aka bigger than minimum size finished art work)

3 concentration ideas+45 thumbnail sketches+45 written explanations

10+pages of journal filled up (like real nice journals found on pinterst, tumblr, wordpress etc)

3 artist research


So….maybe I should get going with my summer art work instead of talking nonsense on my blog. I keep writing too much when I pull up my laptop, and too little when I am posting with my cellphone. I NEED A BALANCE




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