Encaustic art piece



Hi!! I’m here with my second encaustic piece, after an abstract one I did before first semester for a breadth piece. Encaustic takes courage, but it feels good to burn things. This is part of the whole piece and you can see it if you scroll down…


Not there yet!! Another closeup

How to do encaustic
How I do encaustic:
Find a flat and sturdy surface.
Add junk(tissue+paper+wood pieces+pencils+strings+pencil sharpner litter) + mod podge×pouritallover + gesso=dry it for a day
Heat wax until it becomes liquid.
Spread wax over surface.
Get a strong hair dryer and move around wax until I like it.
Add shlack.
Get a burner and burn out the shlack until desired effect is achieved.
Leave shlack to dry.


This is the whole version.

Bonus) work in progress!
I used watercolor to this part 🙂



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