Secretly buying great color pencils!!

So I was sitting in the library few days ago..and I happened to have brought money with me–my new years money..:'( I also happened to have a 40% off on one regular sale item coupon from my last visit. I happened to be able to walk to michael’s from the library as well! So I did. It took me about ten minutes. The pencils that I wanted to buy were those famous (for quality) and infamous (for price) color pencils. At first, I couldn’t decide between the 12 colors and the 24 colors. So I started looking at other color pencils around. There was one called Derwent, made in England. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise, but then it was even more expensive than prismacolor!! That made me wonder, ‘what if this one is better?’

I looked up on google about the two types. One comment I saw was that Derwent was better and did not break as much. So since I had 40% and all, I just bought it. Arrrggg here goes all my money 😦 As I walked out of the store, I look at other comments on the same page; oh no! The other people prefered the prismacolor! And MANY others…I almost went back and changed to prismacolor, but I had to meet a friend soon, so I just decided to give it a try.

Heres the Derwent that troubled me:



Even after all this trouble, like every happy story, everything turned out to be good. I am really fond of these pencils and I think I will just draw a lot with these from now on!!


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