From Urban Outfitter’s Magazine

 Yesterday, I visited the Urban Outfitter next to Rice University. It’s holiday, so there weren’t that many people there–I wouldn’t know anyway, I have not been there on a normal day. It is a really nice shop with lots of unique and stylish clothes, along with many accessories and props that cannot be found elsewhere (except the internet probably). Well anyways, I like the shop really much… except for the fact that everything is pretty costly. As usual I surfed through the sale section, tried on some clothes, but all I could find was some pretty cheapened wallets for my friend’s birthday. On the way out (noooo I wanted to stay longer!) I grabbed a free magazine full of beautiful girls and guys in beautiful clothes (YES item gained). So I came home, and while I wast just sitting around kind of trying to study, the magazine grabbed my eyes. YEAHHH so I tried to draw a replica of the model posing on some poles of some playground. The face didn’t go that well, as you can see, or more like: that is why you cannot see it. I used the photo editor on my android phone to get some cool effects, and here it is! Thanks for listening to my a little less than boring story 🙂image


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